Welcome to Bodicare Colonic Hydrotherapy


I offer Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments in my small clinic on the edge of the New Forest, Southampton.


Colonic Hydrotherapy (or Colonic Irrigation as it used to be called) is the process of hydrating and cleansing the colon, which can result in better elimination and more comfortable digestion. I provide a relaxed, comfortable, holistic treatment in a lovely nurturing environment.


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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Move your body towards complete health and well being with this wonderful rejuvenating treatment.

Weight Management & Nutrition

Weight loss can only be achieved by a lifestyle change. Combine our weight loss programme with our nutritional advice to give you maximum benefit.

Body Treatments

Our natural body treatments with natural products are designed to pamper and heal your body.

*Disclaimer – Results may vary depending on individual circumstances.