What is Bodicare about?

The Bodicare clinic was a vision that Catherine Hood had when she first qualified in aromatherapy 25 years ago. It was to provide holistic treatments in a wonderful nurturing environment, with the focus being on giving the individual one to one support.

Since then she has expanded into a wide range of holistic therapies and treatments; the most recent being, Colonic Hydrotherapy (or colonic irrigation as it used to be known).  Catherine has had an established business in colonics for the last 10 years.

The benefits of colonic hydrotherapy treatment are well documented but Catherine has found that it compliments her existing therapies perfectly, particularly the weight management programme and the nutritional support by helping a person’s intestinal system work more efficiently. It really feels like the ‘last piece of the jigsaw!’

Meet Catherine:

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Catherine Hood

I am passionate about helping people to achieve their optimum health and well being so that they can enjoy a wonderful quality of life.Personally I have spent much of my life being focussed on weight management and how to look and feel well whilst juggling commitments of family and career. As a result I have experienced the impact of negative stress as I think many people do these days. All of these factors impact on our bodies and over a period of time will affect every body system but particularly the digestive and intestinal systems. If we do not digest and absorb nutrients properly and then eliminate successfully, we cannot function and illness results.Colonic hydrotherapy and nutritional support will help to bring those systems back into full working order and as a result the other body systems will strengthen and improve. I have seen a tremendous improvement in my health and well being since enjoying these treatments and for the first time in my life I am also enjoying reaching and maintaining an ideal weight for my body.With the limitations of state provision as far as the health service goes, I feel very strongly that we all have responsibility for our own health and welfare and with the opportunities available at my clinic, I aim to help people achieve that.

My Qualifications

  • 1998 Thermo Auricular Therapy Certificate
  • 1998 Indian Head Massage Certificate
  • 1999 Diploma in Reflexology (IIHHT)
  • 2000 Diploma in Aromatherapy (IIHHT and ISPA)
  • 2009 Diploma in Diet and Nutrition (CIBTAC)
  • 2009 Crystal Healing
  • 2009 Emotional Freedom Technique
  • 2010 Mind Coach Trainer
  • 2010 Colour Therapy
  • 2010 Crystal Wand Facial Massage
  • 2010 Hydrotherm Massage
  • 2010 Hot Stones Massage
  • 2010 Colonic Hydrotherapy Diploma
  • 2014 Advanced Colon Hydrotherapy


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