About me

Having initially trained as a Home Economist in 1980 and always having a passion for nutrition and health, I left a corporate job in 2010, trained in Colonic Hydrotherapy and also Nutrition and never looked back. It really felt like it was the last piece of the jigsaw. The nutrition is the key to digestion and the hydration in a colonic hydrotherapy treatment is crucial for elimination.

“If you don’t digest and you don’t eliminate – you will not be well.”

Added to this, the stresses and personal challenges I have had in my life convinced me about the importance of acknowledging the emotions that our life situations create and how it is so important to recognize that. So I am convinced of the metaphysical aspect of illness and dis-ease!

“It is not about the situation, but the emotions that situation creates”
Gut issues occur when we hold onto those emotions

I was fortunate to work as a colonic hydrotherapist at the Jason Vale juicing retreat in Portugal  (Juicy Oasis) for 3 years and that gave me a tremendous insight into peoples’ healing at a mental, emotional and spiritual level and not just the physical.

So with all that behind me and the opportunity which came from that, enabled myself and my family to move from the Midlands to a beautiful place in the New Forest. This was a vision board created many years previously that came true and proves to me that with the right intention we can manifest what ever we want in our life!

I am so very fortunate to attract lovely clients who have benefited from my holistic approach to treatments and many have used it as a kick start to life changes that they never thought possible

“Constipation is about holding onto the past and the fear of letting go”

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