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Life changing!!

With many of the clients I see for colonic treatments, there is often a common theme of basic life changing habits that they could employ in their day to day life which would help tremendously with how they digest and eliminate food.

These are-:

  • Eating food slowly and chewing thoroughly
  • Eating raw fruit and vegetables each day
  • Drinking about one and a half litres of water a day
  • Breathing properly especially from the abdomen
  • Doing simple regular stretching exercise
  • Taking time for self – even if it is only 10 mins a day!

Colonic treatments will help your body work more efficiently but I always  stress to clients that changes in their daily life will really ensure that they feel better long term.

Having said that, I have been amazed by how people have moved on and made serious changes in their life, following treatments. For instance – losing weight, changing jobs, re-evaluating relationships and accepting and dealing with situations in life that they could not face before.

This convinces me that a colonic hydrotherapy treatment not only results in a feeling of lightness, clarity and well being but also an emotional clearing and release. It is an amazingly powerful treatment!

The other treatment which never fails to amaze me is the ‘crystal wand facial’.

Many clients have had remarkable experiences during this treatment. Not only do they feel completely relaxed during it but also regenerated and refreshed afterwards. Some have seen energy auras, visualisations, and even a feeling of being moved or lifted from the couch.

What a privilege it is for me to be able to offer these treatments and share these energies with the lovely clients I have had the pleasure to meet.

So bodicare clinic really does provide the opportunity for complete health and well being!