Colonic Hydrotherapy & Nutrition

Colonic Hydrotherapy

  • This is the process of cleansing the colon by passing warm filtered water through – gently flushing out impacted faecal matter, toxic waste as well as any other undesirables!
  • The hydration effect of the treatment is just as important as any release that results.
  • It often helps a person feel a lot more energised and clearer – mentally as well as physically.

Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

  • Colonic Hydrotherapy/ Colonic Irrigation can assist weight loss by helping the body release waste matter and improving the body’s absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Clients have reported it helping to alleviate symptoms of constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and flatulence and generally Irritable Bowel Syndrome type symptoms as a candida.
  • Feedback from clients has included an improvement in symptoms of migraine, headaches and skin conditions such as acne. Also feeling lighter, clearer and more energized following treatment. (See Testimonials)
  • Colonic Treatments can result in an emotional release as well due to the direct gut -brain connection so it is a very powerful whole body treatment, often helping a person move on not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well!
  • If you have particular long standing gut issues, you may find that a course of 3 or 5 treatments is beneficial and nutritional support such as: 21 DAY PURIFY GUT RESET PROGRAMME
  • As we are only as healthy as the food we not only DIGEST but more importantly ABSORB
  • So good nutrition is the key to this process.

"Catherine makes you feel very relaxed with her approach. I am writing this a day after my colonic hydration and i feel energised, i have lost the bloat and i truly feel that reset has been pressed."

TC, June 2022


Single Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment

Standard price
£ 75 Single
  • Offers available on multiple treatments

3 Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments

Save £10
£ 215 3 Sessions
  • Must be booked in advance within one month of 1st treatment

5 Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments

Save £30
£ 345 5 Sessions
  • Must be booked within 2 months of 1st Treatment

"Catherine was really good at understanding my problems and tailored my treatment accordingly. I have had colonic irrigation with other practitioners previously but i can honestly say she was the best. the clinic is very clean and comfortable and she puts you at ease immediately. would thoroughly recommend."

Karen, August 2021

Nutritional Support - Why is it needed?

We are an overfed, undernourished society as generally the foods we eat are not of the best nutritional value. Unless we buy organic or grow our own, we cannot be sure of giving our body the best ingredients. So I believe there is a need for supplementation particularly as we get older – we are ‘higher maintenance’!


How many of you have a cupboard full of random nutritional supplements which you have bought at various times thinking they would eliminate a symptom or solve a problem you have been experiencing? However, Bodicare nutritional support takes the guess work out of that because once you complete a lifestyle questionnaire  – it highlights which body systems need rebalancing or strengthening and recommendations for doing this. Our body systems are only as strong as the weakest link but strengthening one system the others will become stronger naturally and it is worth knowing that when strengthening the digestive and intestinal systems – often the others improve as a consequence.

"Felt a little apprehensive before having my first colonic but I need not have worried. Catherine is a most knowledgeable and very experienced lady who immediately put me at ease and my dignity remained in tact. It was an amazing experience and I felt incredible after the treatment. Now I feel I don’t want to eat rubbish anymore and have lost 2 lb as a result of this treatment. Still feeling great and will definitely be having another treatment in a few months time. Thank you."

Jan April 2022

Colonic Hydrotherapy
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