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    Is the treatment painful or uncomfortable?

    A Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment should not be painful. If and when faecal matter etc is released there can be some slight discomfort but this quickly eases to produce a feeling of lightness and clarity.

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    Will I be uncovered or exposed during the treatment?

    You are covered with a gown or towel throughout the treatment and at no time should you feel embarassed or exposed.

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    How long does the treatment take?

    Generally about 45 minutes but allow 15 minutes either side for preparation and changing afterwards.

  • 4

    Should I do anything particular before the treatment?

    As colonics is all about hydration, you will have a more productive treatment if you are well hydrated beforehand. So I would advise you drink plenty of water anyway but especially in the time before you have the treatment.It is best not to eat a couple of hours before your treatment as your body will focus more on digestion than release at that time.

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    How can I expect to feel after the treatment?

    This varies according to your state of health before the treatment: Most people feel lighter and clearer mentally and physically and have a renewed sense of vitality and vigour. However if your body was very toxic and ‘blocked’ beforehand – you can experience initially a slight headache or tiredness as toxins are released but this quickly passes to leave a feeling of wellness and health.

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    Should I do or not do anything particular after the treatment?

    To get the maximum benefit from the treatment, it is advisable to avoid alcohol, spicey foods or very heavy carbohydrate or sugary foods for about 24 hours after your treatment. Also it is not a good ideda to do very extreme exercise immediately afterwards. However, most people feel so energised and clear, they often feel they want follow a very healthy diet and exercise lifestyle.

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    How do I know the number and frequency of treatments which I will need?

    Catherine will advise on this, depending on how the first treatment goes or your state of health prior to that.  Many people benefit from a course of 3 treatments with the first 2 being fairly close together as a lot of the benefit comes from the massive hydration carried out at the first treatment.