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Healthy Progress at Bodicare

This is a well over due update on the healthy progress at the BODICARE CLINIC since I opened at the beginning of the year and the reason being – I have been so busy with clients.

Of course – having a therapist ‘head’ I do prefer doing treatments with clients rather than working on the computor but after a fantastic business course at UK Holistics this week, I realise that I need to get into the modern world and give some attention to the technical aspects of the business!! So I hope you will enjoy the first of many regular blogs to come!!…

The Bodicare business

It has been fantastic so far and I am now becoming well established in the Balsall Common and surrounding area particuarly for Colonic Hydrotherapy treatments. My therapy room is working well and clients comment on how comfortable and nurturing the environment feels as well as being clean and clinical for the treatments to take place.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

It never fails to amaze me the massive benetfits this treatment has and really reinforces my original belief that digestion and elimination are the keys to good health! Most people who have issues are benefiting from a course of 3 treatments for their system to start to work more efficiently but the majority feel much better after their first.

Enquire about special offers on a course of 3 treatments!


The importance of water is another subject about which I have become even more convinced with the many clients I have seen. So many people are dehydrated and once they start drinking 8 Р10 glasses of water a day they feel so much better.

It also has such a massaive impact ongoing to the toilet. Yes you may find you are having a wee more regularly for the first couple of weeks but soon your body adjusts and thrives on the extra fluid and it certainly helps with avoiding constipation.

Anyway from now on I will be updating this blog on a more regular basis and will be talking about different conditions which affect the colon for instance irritable bowel syndrome, reasons for bloating, diverticultis and colitis plus more holistic tips to help you maintain a balance in life!1


Watch this space!!.