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Juicing and Raw Food

Juicing uses raw food in a liquid form but you can of course eat raw foods in a lot of other ways.

Recipe suggestions will follow here.

Why Eat Raw?

Raw food imageThe benefits of any vegetable or fruit which is eaten in its raw state, is that it is full of vitamins and minerals which have not been damaged by the heating process of cooking.

A bonus of juice is that it saves the body a lot of hard work as the nutrients are in a very absorb-able state so the body can use them very efficiently.

If you have symptoms of excess mucous, (‘ A body which is clogged’) a diet which is ‘clean’ or predominantly fruit and vegetables can help to alleviate that.

If you feed your body with the very best nutrition it will thrive and you can find that symptoms, for instance, excess weight and lack of energy as well as sleep problems are not such an issue as your body finds its perfect balance and works much more efficiently.


For those of you do not chew properly or find it hard to eat slowly, juicing is perfect as it so quick and easy to take.

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*Disclaimer – Results may vary according to individual circumstances