crystal rock imageWhat is a Crystal Wand Facial?

A Crystal Wand Facial is a totally holistic treatment and takes you through a journey of sensory relaxation.

It is a unique experience that will bring you total balance and harmony.

Using the healing energy of crystals it is a facial massage which incorporates shoulder, neck, arms and hands using natural skin products and crystal wands.

What are the benefits?

facial massage image
This facial uses natural products which are formulated with natural ingredients and these provide the vitamins and botanical extracts to enhance and repair at cellular level.

The massage is carried out using earth born crystals which give remarkable energy balancing properties to the whole body, mind and soul.

This facial is perfect for all skin types and is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin types.
It is a fantastic way to unwind and offers healing at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

This treatment takes an hour to complete but it’s wonderful effects last for days!

How much does it cost?

  • Treatment costs £45
  • Treatment takes 1 hour

Book now and start your healing process with this unique and wonderful facial.

Testimonials following treatment:

*“The Crystal Wand Facial was wonderful – just what I needed at that time! Thankyou Catherine” Margaret

*“During the Crystal Facial I had the most amazing feeling of my body lifting from the couch. I have never experienced anything like that before and I feel absolutely wonderful!” Janet

*“When the rose quartz crystals were over my eyes, I had the most amazing visualisation. I felt I was in such a beautiful peaceful place and did not want to come back when Catherine finished the treatment. However that wonderful,  peaceful feeling stayed with me for quite some time following the treatment. Thank you.” Christine

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* Disclaimer – Results may vary according to individual circumstances.