What is Nutritional Support?

How many of you have a cupboard full of random nutritional supplements which you have bought at various times after reading an article or talking to some one. So you buy them with the hope that a particular product will eliminate a symptom you have or solve a problem you have been experiencing?

Well the beauty of the Bodicare nutritional support is that it offers you a personal analysis or programme taking into account the whole picture of your individual body’s needs and lifestyle.

How does it work?bodicare food groups image

Bodicare nutritional support is a one to one assessment of your nutritional status so that you can take away positive strategies to improve how your body functions.

Our body systems are like a chain and are often only as strong as the weakest link. When you complete an individual lifestyle analysis it will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your body systems and appropriate products or dietary changes can be recommended.

How does it benefit you?

purified waterThis in depth knowledge will enable appropriate natural nutritional products to be recommended with a plan of how to boost those areas towards complete health and well being. Often by strengthening one system the others will become stronger naturally and your body will reach the balance it requires to function more efficiently.


How much will it cost?

A one hour consultation costs £20
Any nutritional products can be purchased at the time of consultation or ordered directly from the:
Bodicare Natures Sunshine Store.

Testimonials Following Treatment:

*Having suffered for years with IBS, following a course of  colonic hydrotherapy treatments and Catherine’s weight loss detox programme, I started using natural products from the Nature Sunshine and Inna Health range which have helped me tremendously especially with my digestion and bowel movements! I feel so much better!! Karen

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*Disclaimer – results may vary with individual circumstances