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Amazing experience

I can’t thank Catherine enough for such a fantastic experience. I was quite nervous initially as I had never had a colonic before, however Catherine was so calm and reassuring, she really made me feel at ease. This is so much more than just a treatment, it was like a therapy session as well filled with so much invaluable advice and care. I felt like I had a massive release both physically and emotionally. I truly feel like a different person from just one session but I am eager to try 2 more to see what further amazing benefits I get! I am also going to buy the chlorophyll and the body prime she offers to keep my body detoxed and functioning well! Thank you Catherine and I can’t wait for my next treatment! X

Georgia Vigneron

Brand new me

Ever since finishing my first 3 treatments a few weeks ago I’ve been feeling like a totally different person. I used to feel very fatigued during the day but this is no longer the case. I can physically feel the difference when eating foods with vitamins in, as if I can absorb them better. It’s also done wonders for my mental state and I feel much more motivated during the working week. Wood highly recommend!

Sam Moffatt

Wonderful treatment by wonderful practitioner

It was my first ever experience of colonics and I was slightly unsure what to expect, but Catherine was great at explaining everything. Throughout the whole experience she was really professional but also warm and able to put people at ease. We had great conversation.

As for the actual procedure it was fantastic, it left me feeling completely cleansed, lighter and generally just feeling better. It is something I would recommend and will have again I am sure. I felt the benefits not just from a physical point of view but also spiritually, with my whole wellbeing.

Simon Eagle

Feeling Great

I have been looking into these treatments for a while now as I have been feeling so sluggish and tired, and love to detox my body if I can. Catherine was so lovely, she really made me comfortable, and at ease. The procedure itself was very calming and I felt completely at ease with her. Within a couple of minutes of being there, she instantly knew what I needed to do in my life and to make some changes. I am feeling so good and I have already booked a few more sessions. I would totally recommend Catherine, she is very professional but also friendly and so easy to chat to. Thank you very much for helping me feel better.

Vicky Hall

So much more than I expected!

I had been curious for ages about this treatment and finally took the plunge expecting just a “procedure” but it is so much more than that. Catherine immediately puts you at ease, explaining what she is about to do and what to expect, explaining how emotions and stress are held in your gut. After the first treatment, it felt like a switch had been flicked in my head and I finally understood I must take care of myself and what I put into my body. I really liked the positive thoughts cards Catherine uses at the end of a session – each one really hit a note for me. After completing the recommended three treatments, I feel lighter, more energetic and rejuvenated. To anyone who has been thinking of having Colonic Hydrotherapy – Call Catherine and make an appointment – you won’t be disappointed. Don’t hesitate – JUST DO IT!

Julie Cooper

Fabulous treatment by a wonderful practitioner

If you have any reservations about the colonic irrigation experience, I can safely put your mind at rest. I was initially a little apprehensive and unsure of what to expect. However, Catherine is a wonderful practitioner and operates from a warm and welcoming haven. My mind was very quickly put at rest by this gentle treatment that left me feeling vibrant and positive. I have now completed my course of 3 and would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone considering detoxification and a colon cleanse. Catherine is extremely knowledgeable in her field and will guide you gently and considerately on your journey.

Rebecca Starling


I have just had my first treatment at Bodicare with Catherine and I would highly recommend it. You can see straight away that this is more than a job for Catherine, it’s a vocation, she is passionate about every aspect of her chosen field and extremely knowledgeable.
Catherine talked me through the process and made sure I was comfortable and knew what was going to happen and when, I was never made to feel embarrassed or nervous, just happy and relaxed. The treatment room is warm, inviting and spotlessly clean.
If you are interested in Colonic hydrotherapy but have never had a treatment then I highly recommend Catherine, not only for her professionalism but for her wealth of knowledge and caring manor.

Catherine Goodenough

Bodicare more than exceeded expectations!

when I moved, I was unsure if I would ever find a new colonic Hydrotherapist….How very wrong I was..
Recently, I had been going though a bad episode with IBS flare ups and excess gas. Sometime had lapsed since my last Colonic, so I knew I needed to have a treatment,. I was new to this area, so did not know who to book up with, but when I saw Bodicare and read about Catherine, I felt confident I would be in safe hands. As soon as I met Catherine, I liked her. She came across as compassionate and knowledgeable and I felt comfortable speaking to her. During the treatment, I was made to feel at ease, relaxed and not rushed. Post colon cleanse, Catherine offered me a tasty mint drink and talked me though aftercare. At no time did I ever feel pressured into buying products, or re booking, but did so purely on the fact that this was the best EVER colonic I had ever had, and believed I would benefit from having a course. After the treatment, I felt a little tired, but my symptoms of gas and irritation completely disappeared. Bodicare is a rare find. So if you are looking for a colonic hydrotherapist, look no further!

Sarafina Loren

Colonic Hydrotherapy

I booked my first colonic hydrotherapy treatment and am so gald I had chosen Catherine, I was unsure with who to go with at first but I went with my gut instincts and I was not wrong. Catherine is such a warm, kind pleasant lady who loves the job she does, I could feel such a positive energy/vibe from her, the room had nice soothing music in the background & a wonderful smell of incense which added to the ambience. Catherine talked me though the process and put me at ease right from the start, we talked about various topics, from health, meditation, family & work she is very knowledgeable in all aspects of healing. The procedure itself was not uncomfortable at all and I was surprised how much was cleared from my colon considering I had just done a 21 day water fast! Before the treatment I felt a little light headed and weak however after I felt so happy and energised.
To anybody who is looking to get colonic hydrotherapy please choose Catherine as your first choice I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I hope Catherine stays down south for good because if she ever moves away it would be like losing a golden gem! Thank you Catherine for such a pleasant experience I will be sure to recommend you to my family and friends. God bless you Catherine for what you continue to do & may your future days be filled with plenty of light, love laughter & joy 🙂

Shoayb Sumra

colonic hydrotherapy

I had the above therapy with Catherine on 20/08/20. I was quite anxious before therapy, but on arrival Catherine put me totally at ease. She talked me through the procedure and while the procedure was happening I talked about various things and so did she. Therefore, it made me feel extremely at ease. The atmosphere was very relaxing and not at all clinical, as was my previous experience elsewhere, Catherine gave me lots of tips to help combat my constipation and I never once felt awkward. By the end of my therapy I felt that I had got to know a wonderful caring lady, who was truly passionate about her therapies and helping people with different issues. I was totally confident with Catherine. A wonderful lady that really connects to her clients. Throughout, whatever treatment you have, I felt her main concern is making sure her client is comfortable and at ease with what was happening. I have now booked for further treatment.

Deborah White

Colonic Hydrotherapy

It was my first time having this treatment and I was feeling a bit apprehensive at first, but Catherine soon put a stop to that and make me feel very much at ease.
The treatment itself was not what I thought – ie discomfort etc instead,  after the initial part, it felt quite relaxing. The outcome was what I expected – more energy, less bloating and feeling lighter!
Would I recommend this treatment? yes absolutely. A

Aaron Gardner

All round amazing experience !

I have seen Catherine twice now and both times I left feeling lighter, not just better in myself physically but emotionally too. Catherine really put me at ease and what I assumed would be a clinical and not great experience was totally opposite. I felt extremely well looked after and I would recommend this to everyone .. in fact I already have !!

100% improvement from the first session, and the most wonderful lady.

Thank you Catherine 🙂


Katie May

Fantastic first treatment & Catherine is absolutely wonderful!

I have always been dubious about having a colonic irrigation but after years of suffering with bloating, cramps and irregular bowel movements I finally decided to face the fear of embarrassment and go ahead. I am so thankful I found Catherine, what an incredible lady she is and quite possibly the best person to have made me feel at ease for my first ever treatment.
Catherine has such a calming demeaner, the set up is relaxing and she really makes you feel at complete ease, so much so that I actually forgot about the treatment at times as we were talking about other things.
I cannot recommend Catherine enough, if you are nervous or embarrassed, you really don’t need to be as she will make you feel so calm and at ease – it is also a real educational experience too as Catherine explains whats is happening and why and makes recommendations.
I ended up opting for a course of three treatments as I felt so much better and energised after the first – I really wish I had found Catherine sooner!


Colonic with care

I had my first ever colonic in November last year having deliberated on it for many years at the age of 61.
I wish I had taken the plunge years before having now experienced this from Bodicare.
Catherine has a calming way with her and nothing is embarrassing despite what you might think beforehand.
Yes it is surreal to have the tube in place and feel the water pressure urging you to pass motions and have a normal conversation with Catherine while it is all going on.
I had been suffering with a lot of bloating and distension and suspected bread was the culprit. Since having initial wind for a few days afterwards, I have hardly any episodes since and highly ‘urge’ you to try this.
Catherine also gives advice on aspects of diet and recommends probiotics to recolonise your new colon.
A thoroughly cleansing experience.

Marian Timms

Great service – definitely recommend!

After months of stress related IBS symptoms I thought enough was enough and decided I needed to do something about it. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick Catherine was at getting back to me and she even managed to fit in an appointment with me that same day!

Catherine is a lovely lady, she has a very calming presence which is important given the uncomfortable and personal nature of colonic irrigation. She talked through the reasons why I have digestive issues and ways to improve it.

Catherine was able to tell me that my IBS was stress related, as the brain and gut are intrinsically linked, which was spot on as I’ve had a stressful time of late.

I would recommend Catherine to anyone know has digestive issues or issues with their general weight and wellbeing. She is extremely gifted at what she does, combining mind, body and soul practices throughout the procedure. She is very well educated in her field. 10/10 I will be returning; thank you!


Great Colonic Irrigation – first timer

Had my first CI with Catherine today. Had read the health benefits and felt it was the right thing for my lower intestine.
She was professional, interesting and a great combination of spiritual and scientific with a soothing, calm manner.
The venue is cosey safe and kit professional.
I was a little nervous but that went very quickly.
The experience was pleasant, interesting, informative and physically and emotionally cleansing.
Huge thanks and a very positive 10/10

Matt Barker

Great first experience

This was my first Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment. The room was warm and smelt of incense, which was nice. Catherine was super friendly and professional.
Catherine made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and was very interesting to talk to. I learnt a lot about gut health, food choices and life! She talked me through the entire process which was very interesting. I had a few big releases and I felt great afterwards just a bit tired. Now a few days later I feel fantastic, much more energy and positive all round. The experience was not painful in the slightest. Well worth doing to make you feel happier and healthier. Thanks Catherine!! Sam (28).

Samuel Ray

Recent Visit

I visited Catherine’s clinic last Saturday for the first time. I was nervous and a little apprehensive. It soon became very apparent there was no need, Catherine is not only highly professional she is also an excellent people person. The whole experience was very informative and extremely rewarding.
Thank you Catherine, your warm welcome and first class communication skills mean a second visit is planned. Again my sincere thanks. David

David Osborne

a place of healing

As someone that has had colonics regularly for the last 25 years in a variety of countries, believe me when I endorse Catherine’s skills and sensitivity. I have experienced profound healing for my physical complaints and in my mental and emotional balance. I am so very grateful to have such a supportive therapy and therapist nearby. Even if she moved back to the Midlands, I would happily make a five hour round trip for a session!

G Lee

Thank you so much Catherine

Thank you so much Catherine . You are very sensitive, intuitive and thoughtful to a persons needs. I felt so comfortable with you. You explained the treatment throughly and made it easy for me to understand. Catherine also recommended supplements too, which has made a difference.
I would definitely recommend anyone who want a treatment .
You are a wonderful therapist many thanks again.


Hugely helpful

I had been suffering from persistent constipation which caused bloating, stomach cramps and generally made me feel ill and tired. I was also worried about the long term effect on my health. Normal medications were having no effect so I booked 3 sessions with Catherine. The treatments were surprisingly non stressful and Catherine immediately put me at ease. 3 treatments later and my gut seems back to normal, and with the follow up advice and care Catherine offers I will be able to keep it in good shape. I’d recommend this treatment to anyone wanting long term gut health.

Sophie Saraby

First Colon Hydrotherapy Session- Amazing Experience

I contacted bodicare after what i thought had started off as indigestion pain and over the period of a week the pain was so unbearable I thought i may possibly have had a burst appendicitis, I ended up in a&e to be told after various tests and X-rays that i was actually severely constipated ( I had no idea that the pain from constipation could be so bad)
I was sent away with laxatives and advised the pain and constipation would clear within a few days. It didn’t… so i contacted bodicare and explained my situation to Catherine.
Catherine scheduled an emergency appointment to see me and i arrived feeling very nervous, however, from the second i met Catherine- she made me feel at ease, the procedure itself was so straightforward, not painful at all, Catherine made me feel very comfortable and we talked the whole time about a variety of things.
Catherine also provided me with some advice on my diet and some holistic therapy.
I left feeling great both physically and mentally.
I would highly recommend Catherine especially if you have any reservations about this type of treatment- you won’t regret it.


A very welcome solution

I first contacted Bodicare having read the numerous website testimonials. I had been plagued by problems with constipation/bloating for so many years and it was beginning to make my life pretty miserable. The constant discomfort had had an impact on so many aspects of daily living, even in terms of what I could or couldn’t wear for 95% of the time and I was feeling very low. I came to see Catherine not really knowing what to expect and am so very glad that I did. I had a course of three colonic treatments and, together with Catherine’s helpful advice regarding my diet and lifestyle, can truthfully say that I feel better than I have done in very many years. Catherine made sure I was totally at ease during the treatments and I found her to be warm, sincere and most professional throughout. I can’t thank Catherine enough for the positive changes she has encouraged in both my physical and mental wellbeing and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone with similar symptoms to my own. Thank you Catherine. Jill

Jill Osman

Colon Hydrotherapy Experience

As a life long health seeker I decided that the next step in my journey was to have a series of colonics. Catherine is an excellent therapist and her treatment went far beyond what I’ve seen and heard to be the normal colonic experience. I am so grateful that I found Catherine. She has an amazing gift of helping a person understand where their issues might be coming from. During the treatment we worked together to overcome what was standing in my way and help me achieve my health goals, taking a holistic approach. I have come away from the experience feeling refreshed, renewed and ready for the next adventure in life. I would happily recommend this to everyone. Thank you Catherine! Lucy


Amazing experience

I went for my very first colonic irrigation experience earlier this year and I didn’t know what to expect. I decided to have a course of three treatments and after the first session I felt revived! The whole experience opened my body and mind, and Catherine was not just an excellent therapist and hostess, but she was able to really bring to surface the parts of me that had been forgotten.
By the third session I had a real spring in my step and I was looking at life and my routines in a completely different light.
I would definitely would recommend the treatment to everyone. It was a re-set of body and mind.


Feeling fab

Thank you so much for making me feel so much better in my self .I really need to come and have another one done .It’s worth every penny. Thanks.


L saudan

Improve your Wellbeing

Catherine was recommended to me by one of my Pilates group and I instinctively knew she could help me with my intestinal problems.
I have had a course of colonic hydrotherapy and I can’t believe the difference it has made. My ‘gut’ feels normal again and my stomach is flat as it has been all my life until the last year or so. I feel so much more positive and healthy than I did, I’m sleeping a great deal better and my skin is brighter.
The sessions were not unpleasant in any way and Catherine makes one feel at ease and relaxed. She has introduced me to juicing which I find extremely healthy and I love and I’m delighted and relieved at the improvement of my health and well-being.
I thoroughly recommend a session with Catherine.


Sue Crawhall

Colonic leading to life changes!

For the last few years I have neglected my heath, drinking too much, take away food etc. I got up the courage to go to see Catherine for a colonic which was so much better than I expected. Catherine put me at ease and I felt very relaxed. I have just had a third treatment. I followed Catherine’s advice on food and drink and how to relax and live and I now feel great – even on a high! I am going to continue with appointments every month or so as Catherine is lovely lady and I find l can talk to her about anything. I look forward to my next appointment as I think I have a new real friend! So don’t be nervous just go for it! Thanks Catherine.



Richard Duke

Feeling of Normality Resumed

I have for as long as I remember always had problems with going to the loo without the help of a large number of laxatives on a daily basis. I realised that this was no good for me, and started to explore other avenues. Catherine and her clinic appeared on my search and the call i made was one of the best decisions of my life. Dramatic but true. Catherine fitted me in almost straight away and on my arrival her lovely warm personality eased my worries. The whole treatment was done with care and complete explanation. I left feeling renewed. Catherine’s approach wasn’t just based on the colonic treatment but also on deeper issues that may have been causing me concern without me realising. I had a course of four treatments and I feel like a new person. Normal at last I often feel. I would recommend this treatment to anyone even if they didn’t have any particular concerns as it makes you feel alive and full of beans. Thank You so much Catherine.

Abby Adams

Would definitely recommend Catherine.

I’ve considered a colonic many times over the years but just thought the whole thing would be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Being in a lot of pain finally made me go for it and I’m so glad I found Catherine! Straight away I felt at ease and comfortable. Catherine is a lovely, warm person who made the whole experience feel very relaxed! I’ve been for two sessions now and feel so much better! We chatted throughout, and the calming music in the back ground was lovely. Not at all what I expected! Will definitely make this a yearly session. Thank you Catherine.


Feeling brand new!

I have just had my third colonics session with Catherine and it is the very best thing I’ve done for myself in years. I feel that my whole system has had a re-boot. I’m so much healthier since seeing her ….. physically and emotionally. Catherine is a lovely warm, sensitive and sympathetic practitioner who put me at ease straight away from the second we met. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone who feels they are in need of a major gut overhaul. Even though my course is finished, I’ll definitely be going back for periodic maintenance! Louise

Louise Flanagan

Fantastic treatment

Like most people the thought of having a colonic was something I had never considered. I had put on a bit of weight and got bloated at night, after a phone conversation with Catherine I booked my first treatment.
Catherine really made me feel at ease, after filling a consultation form and talked about how the treatment would proceed she started this amazing therapy.
I can honestly say I felt amazing afterwards, my tummy and whole body felt lighter. My energy levels increased, so I had a follow on appointment this went even better.
On returning home I took Catherine’s advice and did some juicing. I have lost 5lbs and do not want to eat heavy meals. The after advice about nutrition and changing how I feel emotionally about my body have really helped.
If I can say one thing that described my experience at Catherine’s clinic is professional. I would recommend this treatment to my friends and can’t wait to visit Bodicare again.

Kate Connell

First Timer

The whole experience was nothing like I had imagined.
Catherine was very discreet and made me feel very comfortable from the offset.
What a lovely lady, we chatted through the procedure and for me I had no discomfort whatsoever.
Have re-booked ??

Marie Aymes

Outstanding results!

I had never had colonic treatment done before and Catherine made my first experience a great one.

I felt at ease and relaxed straight away and after having a course of three colonics I am thrilled with the results. I now will continue to have colonic hydrotherapy as part of my healthy life style.

From Catherine’s kind advice I take more time thinking about what I put into my body and i know my body and health only deserves the best nutrition and exercise.

Catherine is a very welcoming, kind uplifting person to be around and I highly recommend her services.

Kelly rushton

Fantastic treatment, lovely lady and brilliant results

I have had a course of colonic treatments – 3 in total, and I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made to me.

Before I came to see Catherine I was feeling sluggish, bloated and generally not great. I was a little apprehensive and nervous about having the treatment. Catherine was fantastic. She is kind and caring and really good at what she does. She made sure I felt at ease and explained everything beautifully to me. I had my first treatment and she talked through all the options of things that would help with my digestion and constipation, and then a week or so later I had my other treatment. Again Catherine is just brilliant at what she does, and whilst she was carrying out the treatment we chatted about all sorts of things, so I felt completely relaxed.

After my third treatment I am pleased to report I am more regular than I have been in years, I feel great and I would highly recommend a course of treatments.

Catherine not only knows what she is doing, but makes you feel very relaxed, and most importantly you see and feel the results. She is a lovely, kind and caring lady, and I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful treatments and brilliant conversation we had.

Don’t hesitate and book a treatment, you will not regret it. Oh and it isn’t as bad as you think it is going to be – honest!!

Sarah Kerr

Well worth overcoming your fears….

In the middle of a 30 day alcohol free experiment I decided to take the plunge (so to speak!) and finally try Colonic Irrigation. I had looked into it before and heard great things but I couldn’t find a therapist or a clinic that I felt I would be happy with. I came across Catherine and read some great reviews so sent an enquiry. I got a speedy response which was warm and friendly and booked myself in after a quick phone consultation. For me feeling heavy and generally blocked was a big issue. I eat well, exercise and drink plenty of water but still suffer with constipation and stomach cramps. I arrived at the studio which was warm and welcoming on a cold snowy day and Catherine immediately put me at ease. She explained the process to me and I felt completely reassured that she had seen it all before and was confident she could help me. The actual procedure was nothing like I expected – thanks to Catherine’s careful explanation of what was likely causing me problems and pointing out what was what on a poster next to me I was both distracted and interested. It was actually like a therapy session and left me feeling lighter physically and mentally. I was so impressed I immediately booked in for my next appointment even though Catherine made it clear I had achieved a lot in just one session and encouraged me to see how I got on for a few days.
If you are looking for increased energy and a feeling of wellbeing I totally recommend her to you. I wasn’t doing it as a weight loss exercise but weighed myself afterwards and was amazed to find I had lost over 3lb which is really something given my body was more hydrated afterwards (it’s not “just water loss”) Thank you Catherine, I’m a convert and have already recommended you to two other people!!!


Amazing result. Already feel so much better.

I went to see Catherine this week for a colonic treatment. She is a lovely lady who knows her stuff, and makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable in her lovely treatment room. She has so much wisdom and knowledge to share, and genuinely cares about your well being and you getting a good result so that you feel much better in yourself. I cannot recommend Catherine enough, so don’t hesitate, book yourself a treatment, you will feel so much better.

Sarah Kerr

My Colonic experience

I found Catherine to be very approachable and professional….
My Colonic experience was very relaxing and rejuvenating….I understand the value of keeping the colon clean for health and vitality and will be booking my seasonal Colonic therapy sessions with Catherine.
I would totally recommend her, Can’t wait for my next one.
Feeling brighter and energised ….
Many thanks Catherine… glad to have found you, and not to far to travel!

Louise and Maureen

Louise Cottingham

Colon Hydrotherapy

After hearing about Colon Hydrotherapy and finding a friend had been along I decided to have a treatment. Very nervous but Catherine is marvellous she puts you at ease immediately. I found it to be more than just the therapy, I felt able to talk about situations going on for me and Catherine was just wonderful. She said it is clearing more than just physical it is a mental clear out as well. The next day I completely emptied my three wardrobes and let go of stuff I had not worn for years. Had wanted to do that for so long and never found time! I didn’t put the two together until later in the week. I have been for three more sessions now and will only need to go again if any symptoms I feel that will help with but can’t recommend the experience highly enough.
I really feel I have been kind to myself by going along to Catherine, so very pleased and grateful that I did.
Jackie W.

Jackie White

Highly recommended for colonic hydrotherapy

I’m quite a healthy person, but do realise that, regardless of a person’s current health, their past can be deeply hidden in the colon, so receiving colonic hydrotherapy is another way to ensure great health. I have experienced colonic’s before, but Catherine’s treatments were much more comfortable and her manner very caring. Previously, after receiving colonic’s, I would find myself on the way home and desperately needing to go to the toilet again to expel the waste and water. Not so with the treatments I received from Catherine, as she ensured that all the extra liquid that needed to come out, did so during the treatment. Catherine’s treatment room is also very nice, and she explained everything that was taking place in the treatment. Should you be looking to improve your health, colonic’s with Catherine is something you will not regret.


My Colonic experience

I found Catherine very approachable and professional…
The whole Colonic experience was totally relaxing and rejuvenating, I understand the value of keeping the colon clean for health and vitality. Thank you Catherine

Louise Cottingham

What can I say …. A really very good experience

I’m very fortunate to live so close to Catherine as I don’t like to go out of my local area for treatment, and how glad am I that Catherine’s website popped up on the internet.

An amazing woman, in a lovely setting. I’ve booked another two hydrotherapy sessions which I’m looking forward to. I highly recommend a visit.

Catherine is very knowledgeable and I felt at ease as soon as I met her. Thank you Catherine, I’ve got the energy back.

Sometimes its good to do something for yourself which is what I also learned today.

Thank you Catherine

Lisa H


Having booked a short break at a beautiful picturesque rural caravan retreat I had the icing on the cake and met Catherine. She is amazing at putting you straight at ease, so welcoming and nothing was too much trouble. Her knowledge base is phenomenal and her caring nature to want to help you with any problems is second to none. Having suffered 7 years with extremely swollen abdomen Catherine put me back on track mentally and physically with a colonic and full body massage and I had the best sleep I’ve had in years and woke without a headache which is amazing for me. She went the extra mile following up after each of my appointments and even popped some lavender oil to me for my head and a body rub for my neck and shoulders. If I lived nearer I would visit on a regular basis. I will be back. Catherine you are one of life’s true angels xxxxx

Claire Bradbury

My wonderful experience with Colonic Hydrotherapy

I first found Catherine through Google, I chose this clinic after being drawn in by Catherine’s professional, welcoming and user friendly website. After contacting Catherine I knew straight away by our conversation, that I had chosen the right person to carry out the treatment.
Catherine is one of the loveliest people I have met, she has a special aura about her which made me feel relaxed and refreshed during and after the treatment.
I found Colonic Hydrotherapy over all a good experience.
After going in not knowing what to expect only knowing the basics of what the treatment involves, I came away feeling that I had learnt a lot, I felt positive, energised and a feeling of relief.
I have and do recommend Catherine to anyone looking for Colonic Hydrotherapy.
I am glad I met such a wonderful woman with such a beautiful Clinic on stunning land.
Thank you Catherine
See you soon x

Charlotte Brazier

Colonic hydrotherapy, Body Prime and Chloroyphyll

Following months of ill health which resulted in my daughter taking numerous NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatories), antibiotics, penicillin and pain killers, my 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with gastro oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) in March. Following this and despite following a low FODMAP diet, she suffered from severe constipation and could not get relief without the aid of suppositories or enemas. Despite a course of Metronidazole and 5x Senna a night and seeking private medical consultation – nothing worked! Out of desperation, we decided to ditch the drugs and try alternative therapies and to our extremely good fortune found Catherine at Bodicare. My daughter’s gut microbiome was simply ‘shot’ but a course of Body Prime (3 times a day), some chlorophyll and 4x shortened colonic hydrotherapies has totally sorted her out and triggered her colon back into action! Thank you so very much Catherine for agreeing to treat her and for being so brilliantly patient and a huge well done to my lovely daughter who agreed to give it a go (a somewhat awkward experience for a teenage girl)! I am delighted to report that she is back to her normal self and fully embracing life again which is absolutely wonderful after such a heinous year. I cannot recommend Catherine enough. Thank you.


Amazing Treatment!!

Just had the most amazing 3 hour chat and massage with Catherine Hood. Thank you Catherine – I know it didn’t go to plan but maybe what was needed?. If anyone fancies spoiling themselves in the most amazing space then go book her – thoroughly recommended ? ? ?

Helen Craddock

Marvelous massage

I had an aromatherapy massage today with Catherine. I found her to be friendly, welcoming and professional and the environment was relaxed, private and beautifully designed. She was genuinely interested in my individual needs and tailored the treatment accordingly. The massage was relaxing but also uplifting. I chose to chat during my treatment and felt Catherine’s intuitive manner supported my emotional and spiritual needs as well. Wonderful, Thank you

Corinne Hill

Diane’s Testimonial for Hopi Ear Candling

Having struggled with a dullness in my hearing for some time, I decided to try Hopi ear candling. From the moment I entered Catherine’s new therapy room I knew I was in for a treat. The room is very welcoming and during the hour of treatment I felt transported. Along with the ear candle treatment Catherine gave me a relaxing face massage. The treatment continued to do its work over the following couple of days and my hearing has improved considerably. Thank you Catherine for your caring and professional approach and for creating a wonderfully relaxing environment in your new treatment room. I highly recommend Catherine for therapeutic treatments.

Diane Wood

Kate’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*My friend recommended bodicare to me with very good reason. Catherine was caring, very knowledgeable, tenacious and kind. I had been quite ill with pneumonia and had read an article stating the benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy post illnesses. I have had colonic irrigation several times before but it was nothing like this. My bloating feeling has gone and I felt lighter, rejuvenated and generally happier in myself. In 6 months, I will be going back for another! 


Clare’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*Following my course of 3 colonic hydrotherapy treatments, I no longer feel bloated and am going to the toilet much better. My skin is better and I am not longer suffering from migraines or headaches. Thank you. 


Amanda’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*The colonic hydrotherapy treatment was good thank you and it was a relief to me that the first treatment was so positive. I think, to feel the full effects, I do need a course of 3. 


Anita’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*After suffering for many years with thrush, diarrohea, constipation and a tight chest and visiting the doctors with no real  outcome, I decided to have a go at Colonic hydrotherapy. After the first treatment, my thrush symptoms had lessened and my chest had cleared. After the second treatment, I felt like a new woman – full of energy and my bloated stomach was no more. I felt light and happy. I was sleeping so well. After the third treatment, my old symptoms have completely disappeared. Catherine advised me on which foods products to avoid and which to increase. I have followed her advice and feel so much better.
I cannot recommend this treatment enough. Catherine is such a great person, so gentle and sensitive. I have recommended this treatment to my friends and family.  


Sheila’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*Having suffered with constipation issues since having an operation some years ago, I have tried colonic hydrotherapy before but have not really enjoyed the treatment so have resorted to enemas. However, I found this colonic treatment from Catherine much better than previously. The abdominal massage was much softer and I did not have to stay on my side all that time during the treatment, so it was more comfortable for me. It was a lovely nurturing environment and I felt much more relaxed during the treatment. 


Heather’s Testimonial Colonic Hydrotherapy

*I really enjoyed my first Colonic treatment! Catherine totally put me at ease, as I was unsure what to expect. I feel like I have wiped the slate clean and I am now trying to eat healthier food and drink more water. I lost 3.5lbs the next day, and its really kick started my desire to be a bit fitter and healthier. I felt really relaxed and floaty afterwards. Catherine made the experience feel more holistic than clinical. I am already booked in for my next one! – 


Sonia’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*Had my first consultation with Catherine  for a colonic irrigation session which proved to be a great experience and the results were a 5lb loss and my stomach was much flatter. Catherine is very professional and puts you at ease immediately,  her knowledge of this treatment is amazing and despite this being an intrusive treatment it didn’t feel this way at all.  I felt that I had received a complete internal detox cleansing – like jet washing your insides! I feel less bloated and re- energised/reveitalised. The weight loss after 2 weeks later has stayed off I am pleased to say.

As someone who does not go to the loo often this treatment has made me regular, it also makes me think about how I eat my food and what I put into my body more, drinking water to keep hydrated, all the things I never do normally! I really must try harder!

I would definitely recommend this treatment  for anyone who needs a detox from the inside out, to feel less bloated or if you have trouble with going to the loo on a regular basis . . .  I have booked my second and third treatment to complete my overall well being.

Sonia Kenny

Gail’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*I have been suffering since my teens with PMS symptoms, ranging from aggressive mood swings, to acute depression and anxiety. I addressed my swing of emotions with supplements and avoiding certain foods leading up to my time of the month. This had gone some way to addressing my symptoms, but i still felt that my symptoms were out of control. So I decided to, after being recommended by my fitness trainer, to see Catherine for a series of colonic hydrotherapy treatments.

Catherine is professional yet personal. She aims to understand her patient and patient needs from the first visit and to address the symptoms that are at hand. After the first treatment my symptoms improved by 20%. By the third treatment, my symptoms had been completely eliminated. A few months passed and my symptoms started to creep back in but never as fiercely as  I had previously had them.

For me, having a colonic hydrotherapy every now and then proves to be the best method to address the symptoms that I have been dealing with for the last 15 years. I am confident that one day I will not need them at all. For now they are an affective way to address my symptoms and I can highly recommend Catherine and her holistic treatments.


Sharun’s testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*Me and my sis went to see Catherine , earlier this year. Catherine was amazing , very patient and understanding.
Catherine made me feel at ease and was so easy to talk to.
The treatment made me feel good and empty.
I would recommend Catherine to everyone.


Karen’s Testimonial for Colonic Weight Loss and Nutrition

*I first starting seeing Catherine earlier this year after suffering for years with IBS. I was recommended to her by a friend at my local gym and she told me that Catherine was a trained therapist for colonic hydrotherapy and I thought I would I give it a try. After having several treatments I have been amazed on how much this has helped me, the treatment is not at all embarrassing and Catherine is such a lovely warm person that she makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed. I no longer suffer with the terrible stomach pains, bloating and feeling uncomfortable and I have started using natural products from the Nature Sunshine and Inna Health range which have helped me tremendously especially with my digestion and bowel movements!

Catherine has also been helping me with hormone problems that has made me put on a lot of weight over the last couple of years. After years of doctors telling me it’s ‘my age’, Catherine has relentlessly supported me in finding alternative supplements to help me. I have also been doing the weight loss programme and have lost over a stone in last 4/5 months! Catherine has been a huge support to me and I couldn’t have done it without her, she made me realise that I don’t have to just ‘put up’ with things that we can all help ourselves by helping and looking after our bodies. They say that people come into your life for a reason and I am so glad that Catherine came into mine, she is a very special person.
PS I also highly recommend Catherine’s massages – heaven!!


Lesley Ann’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*I have to say that I’ve had my first two Colonic’s with Catherine, and I’m amazed at how good I feel now. I always felt really bloated after eating, and I had been told by another professional person that this was caused by a wheat and gluten allergy…. I had to cut out a lot of foods that I really enjoyed. After time, I felt no better to be honest.
Then Catherine told me about Colonic Irrigation and I thought I’d give it a go. Cath was great, I didn’t feel embarrassed and she made it fun!! We even laughed a lot about Poo!! I would recommend anyone to have a colonic with Catherine as I feel great now… No Bloating, I can eat anything I like again, And… I go to the Loo Every day – How exiciting is that! My Body feels like I’ve been in for a service, and now It feels Brilliant. Thank you so much Catherine. 

Lesley Ann

Linda’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*After suffering stomach tenderness since a teenager I am now free of the problem after only two treatments. It was relaxing and a whole new experience would recommend any one to give it a go as it was not as embarrassing as I had imagined. 


Julie’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*Thank you Catherine for my first colonic hydrotherapy treatment. I was a bit nervous at first. However my treatment was delivered with great consideration for my comfort and modesty in a fresh clean and relaxing environment. I feel GREAT!

I would definately recommend this treatment to even the most apprehensive person as Catherine is gentle and professional in every way. I FEEL LIKE MY BODY HAS HAD A TOP SERVICE.


Paul’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*I completed a course of colon therapy that was carried out by Catherine. I was naturally very apprehensive about the treatment not really knowing what to expect. However, my fears were short lived as Catherine made me feel totally relaxed and at ease with the treatment. It seems that Catherine has thought of everything to make people comfortable whilst undergoing the treatment. It’s the little touches that make the treatment a very comfortable and relaxing experience. I lost two and a quarter pound after the first session and was pleased to be offered a lot of support and encouragement regarding weight loss, healthy eating and general well being. I would have absolutely no doubts in recommending Catherine for this type of treatment. 


Stephen’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*After many years of bad eating and drinking habits, I thought it was time to go on a diet and a detox. But as many people already know, simply eating less food than what you can burn is not as easy as it sounds. But after one colonic hydrotherapy session with Catherine, there was no way that I was going to fill my body with junk food ever again. The benefits were incredible and there are not many therapies that will achieve these results with one single treatment. In addition, I also found myself able to talk about something that I’d been holding on to for many years. As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, this makes perfect sense because the colon relates to ‘letting go’, both on a physical and an emotional level. Many Thanks, 


Gary’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*“Lots more energy and freedom to eat freely without worrying how I will pass this food that I have just eaten. Better sex drive, more alive, less wind, digestive tract exit time now less than a day – before it was up to 4 days. Less headaches and no back ache. I feel so good about life again and have just started a weight reducing group and lost 3.5 lbs in the first week – amazing- the best in the class. I feel generally fitter and mentally healthier!!”  


Catherine’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*Well I finally feel I am getting my old bowels back. The water is working great as I’ve really increased my consumption. I am seeing an improvement in the appearance and quantity of my stools (yes I am looking). Thank you so much. I am a very happy lady!  


Anonymous Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*I met Catherine 3 months ago and was chatting to her about how I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) diagnosed 23 years ago – aged 19. I had suffered badly with constipation and bloating since childhood. I arranged to go for 3 sessions of Colonic Hydrotherapy.

Catherine was warm and friendly from the first minute I met her and this continued whilst having the treatments. I lost around 3 lbs after each of the first few treatments and felt less bloated and generally much better. After the first one, I noticed simething that resmbled a long worm in my bowel movement and took a photo to  Catherine to ask if she thought i had parasites? From that point onwards, the support she gave me was just superb. We have been on a journey of testing for parasites, treating them and now building my whole system back up with Natures Sunshine and Inna Health nutritional products. I am also having more regular bowel movements but i know I have to play my part too with what I eat etc. Not an easy journey at times with the paracleanse but i feel better than I have done for many years.

I have been able to talk openly about what I have seen and how i have felt during the treatment process and also about personal things that i had nt discussed with anyone. A mind, body and soul cleanse! I wanted to mention about parasites because I am sure many people are suffering and Catherine has the expertise and perfect holistic approach to help guide you through it all.

The whole experience has been extremely positive and I cannot recommend Catherine enough. I am anonymous purely because I have had parasites.


Diane’s Testimonial for Colonic Hydrotherapy

*I have attended the bodicare clinic for a course of colonic hydrotherapy treatments and I have found the experience to be very beneficial. Catherine is an excellent, highly skilled therapist who really puts you at ease. The treatment is comfortable and not at all unpleasant and i felt really relaxed and energised afterwards.  The colonics combined with Catherine’s nutritional advice, have made a real difference to my symptoms and i still feel the benefits now several months after my last treatment. I would highly recommend Catherine and her bodicare clinic.

4 months later – Diane reports
I am still feeling really well – things are certainly being maintained! I have also kept really well over the winter (no coughs, colds or flu!) and for the first time I have not been ill over the xmas holidays – so thank you!


Tim’s Testimonial for Weight Loss and Detox

*Having reached 50 but never regarded myself as having a ‘weight problem’, the realization came that I had been carrying an extra stone in weight for the last 10 years! Being an insulin dependent diabetic, I had found the balance between reducing carbohydrate intake and the level of insulin required, a difficult one when trying to loose weight. I have lost over a stone in a gradual effortless way with a protein shake for breakfast or porridge or an egg, soup for lunch and a balanced evening meal after work. I have also embarked on a supplement regime to help strengthen and balance my body systems and I feel fitter and healthier than before. I have reduced my insulin input by about 25% overall. 


Maurice’s Testimonial for Aromatherapy Massage

*I have recently had surgery which left the side of my face feeling numb.Catherine gave me a massage for my neck and shoulders . Although I had previously had physiotherapy , this was first time I felt that the life had come back into my face and I could feel the blood supply circulating in my neck. The treatment was given with minimum fuss but Catherine gave me a helpful briefing of what was about to happen , which put me at ease. The experience was both invigorating and positive. 


Julia’s Testimonial for Aromatherapy Massage

*”Having suffered with unexpected and quite uncomfortable back pain, your back massage was the turning point in my recovery Catherine. The massage, alongside your advice on postures and back strengthening exercises has really helped me overcome this back pain episode. ” 


Janet’s Testimonial for Crystal Wand Facial

*“During the Crystal Facial I had the most amazing feeling of my body lifting from the couch. I have never experienced anything like that before and I feel absolutely wonderful!”


Christine’s Testimonial for Crystal Wand Facial

*“When the rose quartz crystals were over my eyes, I had the most amazing visualisation. I felt I was in such a beautiful peaceful place and did not want to come back when Catherine finished the treatment. However that wonderful,  peaceful feeling stayed with me for quite some time following the treatment. Thank you.”




*Disclaimer - Results may vary with individual circumstances