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Complete health and well being depends on good food and nutrition. To create wonderful tasty nutritious meals i use a Thermomix. 

The thermomix is one device with endless possibilities. It is a quick, easy, convenient and fun way of making quality ingredients into beautiful tasty and often healthy dishes.

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The thermomix is an all in one cooker with more than 24 functions –:

  • It can boil, simmer, and stew, chop and mince meat nuts herbs and veg.
  • It can blend, make yoghurt, mill rice, nuts and grains into flour, grind coffee, sugar and nuts.
  • It can knead dough, whisk, grate, puree and crush.
  • It can replace almost every kitchen gadget you own.

It has a cookidoo recipe platform which does meal planning, ingredient shopping and step by step directions to guide you through the whole cooking process.

To see it for yourself and experience how great it is to use -
book a demonstration at Bodicare or in your own home.

Free no obligation Thermomix Cookery demonstration in your home or in Catherine’s log cabin studio resulting in you tasting all the delicious food prepared!!

"Sometimes its good to do something for yourself which is what I also learned today."