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What is the Bodicare Weight Loss and Detox Programme?

The bodicare weight loss programme consists of individual support and advice with changing lifestyle and eating patterns. It begins with a herbal detox followed by natural healthy eating.


Have you ever tried diets or weight loss programmes which started with good intentions and lots of enthusiasm but then you gradually slipped back into your ‘old ways’? What went wrong do you think?
Well many of these regimes result in the focus of what you cannot eat and dictate to you exactly what you ‘are allowed’ to eat. Human nature usually has the effect of wanting what you are ‘not allowed’.
However if you attitude is that of giving your body the very best nutrition that you can so that it is more satisfied and can function more effectively, then you do not crave the less nutritious foods. You would not expect a car to run on the wrong fuel so why do we expect that of our bodies?

What are the benefits?

The results can be feeling fitter and full of energy as well as attaining and maintaining your ideal weight in an easy and permanent way. Also food often becomes a pleasure again instead of an issue.

How does the Weight Loss Programme Work?

As your knowledge and understanding increases, you will find yourself making subtle dietary and lifestyle changes. Whilst noticing how your body adjusts. So alongside feeling healthier and happier, your body naturally releases the excess weight. The beauty of this approach is that it is achievable and permanent. Excess weight has only resulted because of an unhealthy body.

weight loss fruit imageOnce you give it the opportunity to achieve positive health and fitness, it will last you a lifetime!
It is not about counting calories or points, it does not focus on one food group alone e.g low  fat or carbohydrate or high protein diet. It does not restrict you to a set menu which may not fit in with your lifestyle and preferences. It is based on learning about good nutrition and simplifying what you are doing so that your body can feel very satisfied with whole, natural unprocessed foods and release the toxins and rubbish which causes you to gain weight and feel unhealthy.

One of the principles on which it is based is that fact that when you put foods which are not in their natural state into your body ie they may be polluted with pesticides, preservatives, additives excess hormones and toxins, which your body has to then store safely away in fat cells which it creates specifically for this purpose.

For women, you may recognise this as weight around the hips and abdominal area particularly. Once these toxins are released, the body no longer needs the additional fat cells and can naturally release them. See the raw food and juicing page for recipes and tips.

What is the cost?

An initial consultation of one hour costs £20 but if purchasing the healthy starter/ 10 day detox or other supplements this can be reduced.
Whilst on the programme any bodicare therapies can be purchased at a 10% discount.
Get in touch for more information or to book an appointment and start your exciting journey towards complete health and well being!

Sample 10 day Herbal Detox. (Healthy Starter Programme):

To kick start this, the programme begins with a 10 day herbal detox which can be taken alongside normal healthy eating and drinking. Apart from feeling lighter and brighter and more energised your body has got used to not having the rubbish and is then more receptive to receiving the good quality naturally healthy foods.

So the next stage is to enjoy lots of nutritious tasty food and start to leave the ‘diet’ aspect behind and feed the feel good factor of eating well and feeling good about yourself. Participants of the programme can also enjoy colonic hydrotherapy at a reduced cost which is also very effective in releasing toxins and promoting weight loss.

Each week you build on your knowledge of good nutrition put into the context of tasty meals and recipes, making food fun and enjoyable again. Knowledge is empowering and the more some one understands how their body works, the more control they have over making changes.

Part of the programme includes a lifestyle analysis which highlights any weaker body systems which can be strengthened with your eating pattern and if necessary nutritional supplements. Again all of this is individual to you as you will be supported on a one and one basis with regular weigh and measure sessions and positive emotional thought therapy to help with your feelings about food and weight.

Testimonials Following Treatment:

*Tim was a 50+ year old type 1 diabetic who followed the weight loss detox programme.
Having reached 50 but never regarded myself as having a ‘weight problem’, the realization came that I had been carrying an extra stone in weight for the last 10 years! Being an insulin dependent diabetic, I had found the balance between reducing carbohydrate intake and the level of insulin required, a difficult one when trying to loose weight. I have lost over a stone in a gradual effortless way with a protein shake for breakfast or porridge or an egg, soup for lunch and a balanced evening meal after work. I have also embarked on a supplement regime to help strengthen and balance my body systems and I feel fitter and healthier than before. I have reduced my insulin input by about 25% overall. Tim

*Also Karen says-: Catherine has been helping me with hormone problems that has made me put on alot of weight over the last couple of years. After years of doctors telling me it’s ‘my age’, Catherine has relentlessly supported me in finding alternative supplements to help me. I have also been doing the weight loss programme and have lost over a stone in last 4/5 months! Catherine has been a huge support to me and I couldn’t have done it without her, she made me realise that I don’t have to just ‘put up’ with things that we can all help ourselves by helping and looking after our bodies. They say that people come into your life for a reason and I am so glad that Catherine came into mine, she is a very special person. Karen

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*Disclaimer –  results may vary according to individual circumstances