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Welcome To Bodicare

Visit my wonderful therapy room

Well my wonderful new therapy room is now complete and I have had a steady flow of clients since I opened. The room meets the standards of a clinical environment in which to provide the colonic hydrotherapy treatments but also has a very healing, therapeutic essence about it which benefits not only the colonics but also the massage and other treatments which I provide. I am really thrilled and I am sure you will be too when you visit!!

For me it is an absolute dream to be able to work from home to provide my clients with nurturing treatments in a wonderful environment. I am very excited about the future and a big thank you to everyone who has supported me so far!

Detox for spring

Spring is on its way and there is a lot of talk about detoxing. What better way to detox than with a colonic hydrotherapy treatment. Think about a dustbin which has been full of rotting waste for months and even years – would you not want to empty it out and give it a good wash? Well colonics can do that for your colon!! Even after one treatment, people often say to me that they just don’t want to ‘pollute’ their body with unhealthy or junk food any more. A colonic treatment can just give that ‘jump start’ to feeling better physically and mentally! Many of my clients so far have been amazed by the immediate feeling of well being following even their first treatment.

Lose weight and detox at the same time!!

Another excellent way to detox and also reduce excess weight is with my ‘weight loss detox programme which really does encourage your body to let go of those toxin filled fat cells. The beauty of this method is that it fits so flexibly into normal eating as well and so you don’t feel isolated from normal social or family meals. I have never had such success with any other eating programme. I cannot recommend it enough!!

I have just had a delivery of some new chocolate and vanilla shakes and there is a new flavour soup on its way which is tomato/vegetable -it tastes delicious but will be an option to vegetarians to the chicken and herb!!

Are you worried about your Cholesterol levels?

There has been a lot in the news recently regarding the issue of high cholesterol and the use of Statins to control it. Many people have suffered various side effects from this drug, but the medical experts still insist that the merits of the drug outweigh the problems associated with side effects.

BUT – there is a natural alternative!

Natures Sunshine have developed a programme based on a steady increase of Megachel – an excellent multi vitamin and mineral supplement. The programme involves increasing your dose up to 10 capsules per day, you are then required to maintain that dose for a period of time determined by age, followed by a steady decrease. It works by stripping the Cholesterol from the arteries in a natural way with no side effects.

The results have been amazing in many situations so now my husband Tim, who is a Type 1 Diabetic has just recently started the programme, so I will keep you posted on his progress!

How much water do you drink?

I cannot finish without mentioning water as it is fundamental to both my colonic treatment and the weight loss programme and infact to life in general. Did you realise that drinking water helps increase your metabolism by 30% so it does actually help you to reduce your weight? Of course it has lots of other benefits which I will mention in future blogs but don’t be afraid to drink water for fear of needing the toilet regularly because that is a sign that your kidneys are working well to flush out your toxins. Also, if you sip water constantly through out the day, your cells will absorb it gradually and you will not have a constant need for the toilet. The more you have, the better your body will function!

Try liquid chlorophyll

If you are already protesting that you really don’t like the taste of water, try adding a few drops of liquid chlorophyll which I sell for as little as £10 a bottle (a bottle lasts for several weeks). It is the green pigment from the alfalfa plant and has a slight flavour of spearmint. It is a wonderful deodorizer, immune booster, and blood cleanser so it helps the body detoxify as well!

Start to enjoy water – it’s fundamental to life!!