It helps with elimination but it is not a laxative!!

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About Body Prime

Body Prime is a natural food supplement containing Magnesium but it has the added benefit of prune powder and apple pectin which are natural gentle soluble fibres and help to soften and bulk for better elimination.

Although it forms part of the Purify – 21 day Microbiome Gut detox programme – Body Prime is  brilliant as a stand alone product.

  • Many of my clients will take it between colonic treatments to help soften for release but also if they have poor elimination generally they will find it helps them go to the toilet regularly.
  • It is not a laxative and therefore does not lead to a dependency but as the bowel is a creature of habit – once a regular routine is established it is much easier to maintain it.

Why is Magnesium so good for you

Magnesium has so many benefits to the body not least helping with restful sleep but also :

  • It is a muscle relaxant so helps relax the gut muscles to prevent spasm so very good for IBS type symptoms.
  • It is a key macro mineral responsible for 300 enzymatic functions in the body.
  • It also draws water into the large intestine to help loosen the stool and so help with elimination.
  • It helps balance hormones and helps with sugar cravings.
  • As it is also a blood sugar stabilizer it helps with insulin levels and diabetes.
  • Magnesium stabilizes the heart beat and regulates blood pressure
  • It is also a mood stabilizer so good for depression and SAD syndrome.

What is special about Body Prime

  • It uses Magnesium Oxide which is more easily absorbed than other forms
  • It uses capsules which go direct to the large intestine before they open and release
  • It is made by Synergy who research and test to pharmaceutical standards.

Excellent value for money – £28 for 90 capsules

Average dose is 2 capsules once or twice a day.

Available from, 07759885153 or from the synergy shop on my website.

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It helps with elimination but it is not a laxative!!